» the number one brand when it comes to radical transparency. They’ll take you through an entire process of how and where your clothes are made.


» a socially motivated lifestyle brand connecting communities to opportunity, creating travel ware with stories to tell.

People Tree

» the UK’s leading sustainable and fairtrade fashion brand.


» makes high quality designs from recycled materials.

Eileen Fisher

» a socially and environmentally responsible company who also raises awareness about human trafficking.


» a lifestyle destination for the conscious consumer. They make sustainable, timeless pieces. They celebrate and care for the people behind their products and they are big on transparency. A company that proves there is a better way especially when it comes to quality.

Vetta Capsule

» your capsule wardrobe solution. Their philosophy: versatile designs, eco-friendly fabrics, responsible factories , wholesale prices.


» produces apparel made responsibly and sustainably. Each of their garments are sewn and made in Denver, Colorado.

Sweet Lupine

» supports independent designers, products that are made in the USA, companies that practice ethical production standards (such as a living wage and quality working conditions), and fair trade products.


» they are known for making killer clothes that aren’t harmful to the environment.

Two Penny Blue

» finely crafted jackets; every purchase helps educate a girl in need around the globe.

House of Gina Marie

» fearlessly tailored apparel and accessories; Gina Marie is committed to responsible design of dresses and separates to be unequivocally yours.


» a socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities worldwide.

P.i.C. Style

» consciously designed and lovingly made around the corner in their local London factory; locally sourced, sustainable, organic, and never mass-produced.

The Great Beyond Clothing

» designed in Australia; clothing made of bamboo that is extremely soft, durable and luxuriously comfortable.

So Worth Loving

» they believe that no matter your history, past mistakes, religion, career choice, or relationship status, you are worthy of love.

Nomad Tribe

» your one-stop shop for fair trade clothing and accessories; fashion + social impact.

A Beautiful Refuge

» a social enterprise dedicated to empowering at-risk women in The Philippines through partnering with them in producing eco-friendly, ethical, fair trade, made with love handcrafted screen printed goods and apparel.