about jella


Hi, I’m Jella Jornales, the founder/blogger-in-chief of The Humble Bee Society. I began living a conscious lifestyle back in 2015 after watching The True Cost documentary, a film that explores the social and environmental impact of the fast fashion industry.
From being a hoarder, I now own a capsule wardrobe (that means I only have around 40-50 items in my closet). From being a shopaholic, I now purchase with intention. I have always loved fashion, and combining it with a meaningful purpose has changed my life immensely.
 I’ve been blessed to have lived in London, England, where I really discovered my love for fashion and the arts. I’ve also lived in various parts of the United States, where I started this passion project. I currently live in Makati, Philippines, and I’m looking forward to rediscovering the beauty of my home country. Traveling and meeting people from different walks of life has made me realize how big the world is – there’s still SO much to see -but at the same time how small it is too, because we are somehow all connected. There’s a language that we all know how to speak – LOVE. I’m fueled by meaningful conversations over chai tea latte, nature walks, binge watching FRIENDS, and precious time spent with God.
So far, this project has opened so many opportunities for me and has led me to meet some of the most inspiring people. I’m excited to bring you along this journey, and share my discoveries with you!  Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to say hi!!

I can be reached at thehumblebeesociety@gmail.com